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Men's inability to dance in public places, harassment of knives, cutting of audio equipment, uniform by special police

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Double strike! Shenhua 2 will miss the Asian games and miss the derby again

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San Jose wins Paraguay's first round or Serena

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Once determined to make up, my mood but calm down. I come from a file cabinet Ministers of the Organization's mandate and polls based on my situation and examine the proposed county department heads first adjustment programs carefully consider again a few times, and then called in the old way and office director of the Standing Committee .[Santa Clarita]

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So, a new semester begins, Chenda Jiang educational personnel of the county come up big reshuffle, of course, only within the scope of his authority. He does not formally appointed the first president, but let these people hang up on behalf of the principal's name. These people heart also understand Chenda Jiang comrades want is money, wait until after school, schools have plenty of money, although it does not receive tuition and fees, but state funding has increased a lot. Members on behalf of false accounting principals ideas from public funds charged to honor the Secretary's money, big points in general more than 50,000 secondary school, a small dot in general over 30,000 secondary school, anyway, is not their own money, as long as the location to save, really convenient to use the money. Bitter to those who suffer, Vice President, and no power from the public funds to be disbursed. However, the Secretary is also very considerate Chenda Jiang subordinates, received only five thousand yuan each Vice Chancellor trouble. This calculation Chenda Jiang was in the personnel changes in the money should also be a lot, which is clear enough: the county sixteen towns, apart from the county seat of the Ming Qianzhou than there are fifteen towns. Ten of them have ten large township high school principal, a person tribute of $ 50,000 is nine hundred thousand yuan revenue, in addition to five small towns had at least thirty thousand five principal one, there are one hundred and fifty thousand credit, plus There are towns on this fifteen per tribute vice president seventy-five 5,000 revenue can be three hundred seventy-five thousand yuan. Chenda Jiang comrades from all secondary schools have more than 1.4 million of the money income pockets. The tribute to the township center primary school is also the total number of more than 500,000 yuan at least. Finally those acting headmaster of the "generation" word removed. Chenda Jiang course hearts happy, he often has in mind: Although the abundance of cloud height of his power to deprive the majority, but as long as the right way, or to put it more than the abuse of power remaining out.[Richmond]

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People sitting on the left foot Rocker on the table, replied: "Where are you, to find him this thing ah there youngest son?" So he is the drake voice.[Jersey City]


Dongfeng express delivery in 5 seconds: direct attack on cruise missile to destroy target with live ammunition

Li Donghua then stop doing these killers did not work for him from the interests of the people against corruption to the students so that they cherish the opportunity to honor has been pulled homemade. Humans have thoughts have feelings, although these people are dead received orders, but they are in fact Provincial Public Security Bureau police. But the police than to calendar depriving many, and they hate corruption, only a momentary superiors spoils were confused, human nature Well, who would not want an officer![Saint Paul]

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