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Wang three pock heap laughed: "I sorry, guests have successively ah!"[Santa Clarita]

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Zhou Zou one that I could see a man who, he shouted, Luo Secretary of the end, get up.[Richmond]

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I published personal point of view. When the body speak first, just Secretary Xu Nanan current situation on the analysis and the confidence of the masses of cadres judgment is correct, profound, and I totally agreed with, but also on the Secretary Xu in such a short time, the situation on the Southampton such a comprehensive and thorough understanding of admiration. Secretary Xu proposed to rectify the work style of cadres, I think it is necessary, in a timely manner, and I applaud. But, ah, but then, I would like to remind you to note that, to rectify merely a means of improving the work style of cadres, the purpose is not to bring down a few people, therefore, must be taken to rectify the work of a master degree, not in cadres caused to engage in sports like panic, thus affecting the cadres and county people's stability. Is not it? I am a native of Southampton, even if counting from any county organization department, also done in leadership positions for nearly two decades, their honor personally training, selection of leading cadres are also many, so say I Nanan cadres overall is still very understanding. My impression is that the current cadre Southampton overall quality is good, can be regarded as one of Tarawa, active thinking, pioneering spirit of the team, their past as Southampton made a great contribution to the development, present and future Southampton development remain inseparable from their efforts. Of course, it is undeniable that there are currently some individual cadres ideologically anchored style are less strict, but I think it should be the primary responsibility for the leadership of the county government. As in recent sessions, especially county government leadership team squad leader always appear this kind of problems before they occur so that individual cadres ideologically confusion, coupled with the prevalence of Southampton people in an irresponsible manner rumors, biography believe rumors of rumors and bad habits, often little things that are often hugely magnified, and ultimately also to describe than carbon black. In this unusual public opinion environment, requires every leading cadres, especially some of the important sectors of the industry's top leaders important not to be irresponsible remarks, unrealistic. I therefore suggest that it is best not to rectify the work style of cadres and personnel adjustments mixed engage, not only will not achieve their objectives, it will cause confusion in the county cadres and resentment. I speak on these, wrong please correct me Lingchuan secretary and comrades.[Jersey City]


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Ten minutes later, Zhang Mingliang Paypal came to the office, see Magistrate Lin Qingming is here.[Saint Paul]

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